Bombshell or what!?

OMG!!!! what a night. Miss Frank gone? Danyl in the bottom? WESTLIFE MURDERED DAUGHTRY??? wow i have a lot to talk about...

Firstly i thought big band week was boring! i have sky+ and i recorded it to watch today. i fast forwarded it a lot. the only ones i really watched were Miss Frank... well they were the only ones i watched the rest i just fast forwarded. i thought that miss frank got a lot better as a group. and i loved Lloyd's back flip. :D

I was sad that they went! and why was danyl in the bottom two? what was the reason for that? he is such and amazing singer. i think its because the public see things in the papers and believe it. for instance how he was such a bully and egotistical... i DON'T believe this and neither should anyone else. it seems as though the public see it as a popularity show than see it as a SINGING show.

AND OMG!!!v what were westlife playing at? doing a cover of a Chris Daughtry song? A song that just happens to be one of my favourites, like, ever! it really annoyed me and i said that i will order a hit on westlife because of it (joking of course). there are some songs a pop-fluff-butter-wouldn't-melt-in-the-mouth-stupid-Irish-boy-band should LEAVE ALONE!

All in all i was disappointed this week i hope next week is mkuch much better. Next week is rock week... much more my thing.

Sex Factor??

Right, i know that this post is late but just wanted to update you on some stuff...

as it turns out some rugby player wants to help Lucie restore her faith in men after her messy break up last week. to be honest i find it quite.... um... whats the word.... odd. she was with a rugby player why would she go for another one? and the fact that he talked to the press about it is well... concerning. he has to be some poor person to say that to a paper and not to her... i think he was in it for the money... what do you think???

ALSO!!!! Cheryl Cole was completely lip syncing in her performance on Sunday. yeah she look amazing... wow.. the whole point of being an artist is that you have to be able to carry a tune that has a range of notes not just one. that was Cheryl on Sunday... i rate it a D... FLAT. Whitney was okay... she was definitely not what she was was and omg her dress. while she looked stunning, she has some malfuncions didn't she. first the dress pissed her off as she tried to walk down the steps on stage, AND THEN the strap on the back broke!!!! what a night for her. i thought that Dermot could have helped her out like do up her back or give her his jacket.

RIGHT on with my opinions of the night.

Lucie - I thought that could have been better and that it was a risk to get her to dance and sing those high notes in that song... the song was 'How will i Know' by Whitney Houston.

Olly - 'A fool in love' by Tina turner - wow was he good. it fitted his cheeky chappy personality completely. LOVED IT!

Miss Frank - 'All The man i need' Whitney Houston - wow is it Me or are they getting worse every week? i didn't like their wardrobe. sack the stylist.

Rachel - 'if i was a boy' beyonce - I like her performance although she did sound as though she was singing it all though her nose... not nice. i felt sorry for her that she was in the bottom again.... deja vu or what. last year we had this problem with the other Rachel. i liked the song she sung is the sing off 'with or with out you' U2.

Joe - 'where do broken hearts go' Whitney Houston - to echo Mr cowell, note perfect. i love Joe and i am backing him to win. and burn the tapes a don't like to chubby you at 16 :(. xxx

Danyl - 'I didn't know my own strength' Whitney Houston - liked the song though i do think that he murdered it. i couldn't understand him.

Lloyd - omg i loved his arrangement of Bleeding love by Leona Lewis. i thought it suited his voice well. :D xx

John and Edward - 'Oops i did it again' Britney - memorable but not in a good way.

Ricky - 'RESPECT' Otis redding - no. happy he left.

Jamie - 'Hurt' Christina aguilera - not the song I'd think he'd do but happy he did. it a hard song to sing and he pulled it off well.

Stacey Solomon - 'At Last' Ray eberle Pat Friday - Didn't like it at all, happy she's still in but again sack the stylist.


right currently i am in college... when am i not? and i have been looking at some x factor gossip....

it seems as though tweedle dee and tweedle dumb have a fan? but does it really count if it's some slag from Big Brother? i suppose a fan is a fan but jeez it just goes to show how she doesn't have and more class or taste than she had before.

Poor Louis aswell. it truly is sad that stephen gatley died. he was one of louis best mates and louis had managed boyzone for so long... my condolences to the rest of teh band and his family. i hope they figure out cause of death soon. he was so healthy, theres no way he died of natural causes.

right then to spice things up and to get everybody laughing if ound this video on youtube and i think it is hilarious!



Right last night i was appaled by danni's behavior... even if she did apologize tonight. It was uncalled for and inappropriate there was no need for her comments to Danyl. And those obnoxious Irish twins are still in! What is up with that? i hate them and i think that they seriously need a reality check. But, i loved robbie tonight he definatly came back with avengance! I was shocked about Rachel being in the bottom two though. Last night i think she opened the show really well. Don't let it get to you hun, I think you're great! Lets get to last night performances...

Rachel - Cool and very 80's inspired clothes. defo loving that!

Kandi Rain - I thought they sang their song really well, and i thought they did look like Lady Gaga wannabes. Especially with that bow thing on top of the angry looking ones head.

Olly Murs - Out of tune, Wrong Key... Don't like him.

Ricky Loney - Crap, stupid eyebrow.

Stacey Solomon - Love the song and her... god she makes me giggle.

Miss Frank - Felt like three seperate performances in one song. Come on girls your supposed to be a group!

Jamie Archer - Love the fro, but would have like to hear him do Sex on Fire because that was amazing in the first round of auditions. That song wasnt as entertaining.

Lloyd Daniels - Hun... okay i think your hot... and your eyes are amazing but you sounded baaad. Not the song for you. and you looked like you were doing a J.T cosplay on stage. SOmething more soulful next time please. Also you seem to be this years Eoghan Quigg... don't be.

Lucie Jones - LOVE THAT WE SHARE THE SAME NAME! I think your good but would have like to hear you sing Run by Leona Lewis. That would have been better i think.

John and Edward - Leave. Now.

Joe McElderry - Love. You.

Danyl Johnson - Love. You. More. I was worried about the song choice but got over it after the first bar. Hope you go far!

To Jon and Edward,
Whether you like it or not you two arent the most amazing the thing in the music industry, as a matter of fact you are probably the act i most dislike in this series of x factor. You are x factors John Sargent. You are crap at what you do and the public keeps you in because they find it funny to annoy the judges. Please stop thinking you are amazing becaus ei thought you should have gone home tonight and not Kandi Rain. At least two of them CAN sing.




3 Hour Break WTF....

Weeeelll Hello there Internet!!!! This is Lucy here from The Oakland LRC...... Lol... I am sooooo happy today and i dunno why.... oh wait i do... it called being paid £340 today!! whoooooooooooooooo (etc)... and well i went and bought some stuff..... that was so fun... i bought the paramore CD, Brand New Eyes, and i love it! Currently listening to Ignorance its the second track on the album and it reealy good :D. really i should be doing my Textiles work than writing this but then again i have like sooo much time before i have to go to lessons!

Photo Of The Week!

Just some photos of me rihanna and rachel!!!


WHY AM I IN COLLEGE SO DAMN EARLY??????????? it aint normal..... i have to wait another hour befor my lesson starts... i have been in since i dunno........ 9:30! what the fuck dudes! life sucks and then you die.... yeah i should be so lucky...

lol that was from breaking dawn by stephanie meyer... the first part of the jacob book.... <3<3<3

I am a twilight nut... cant wait for new moon to come out... Taylor Lautner topless. Rahhh i drool just thinking about it. how baad is that? have any of you read or watched the twilight series? i have over and over and over and over (etc) again. i love them! if you do read/watch them what team are you? Team Jacob or Team Edward? I am all for Jacob. Love him as a character and i Love Taylor Lauter ever since he was sharkboy in the adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl when he was 13... awwwwww.

but who would have thought that he'd be the hunk that he is now.... ahhh yummy yum yum. i love the new moon trailer when he tells us about the movie... he brags about how he is 30 pounds more heavier because he had to build muscle to continue playing jacob....*droooools*

Watch it here!